World-first technology that wows:
efficient VRF systems with R32

City Multi VRF outdoor units with R32:

Mitsubishi Electric is the first manufacturer on the market to offer its City Multi VRF systems with R32 refrigerant. While the Y-series supports cooling or heating, the R2-series enables both functions simultaneously.

Given the low global warming potential (GWP) of R32 refrigerant, the City Multi VRF systems are a sound investment in the future – and the perfect way to take a decisive lead with your next project.

Next-level performance

The systems are available in sizes 200, 250 and 300. They deliver a cooling capacity of 22.4 kW to 33.5 kW and heating capacity of 25.0 kW to 37.5 kW in standard or high-efficiency designs.

Choice of two proven series

The R32 outdoor units in the Y-series enable cooling or heating. For simultaneous cooling and heating with heat recovery, choose the R2-series.

Think big

VRF systems with R32 are especially ideal for retail spaces and open-plan offices, where complex risk management relating to the use of R32 is generally not required.

Heat exchanger up to 30% more efficient

In our exclusive solution, the PUHY/PURY-EM high-efficiency design units are equipped with the aluminium flat-tube heat exchangers developed by Mitsubishi Electric. These enable up to 30% more efficient heat transfer than with round-tube heat exchangers. We have positioned them on all four sides and in the upper section of the outdoor unit, ensuring far more efficient airflow and a lower refrigerant fill quantity.

Lead in installation

Futuristic compressor design

Compared to R410A, R32 features a lower GWP value but a higher final compression temperature. That’s why we’ve fitted the compressor with intermediate injection to ensure optimum performance.

New multi-flow heat exchanger

The new heat exchangers in the City Multi outdoor units increase the SEER value by up to 8%

Variable evaporation temperature

The City Multi outdoor units ensure milder blow-out temperatures on demand in spring and autumn, thereby reducing your energy consumption

Continuous heating operation

The heat exchanger performs defrosting on alternate sides, delivering considerably greater comfort and a continuous heating output of up to 50% – even during the defrosting process

USB port

The USB port on the board makes it very easy to read out system operating data

All values and percentage-based improvements are stated in comparison with the previous series. The units contain R32 refrigerant.