The stunning benefits:
33% higher energy efficiency.
30% less refrigerant.

The new City Multi VRF outdoor units:

very high seasonal energy efficiency – saving you material, time and work during installation. Extend your lead!

Very high seasonal energy efficiency

Featuring an overhauled and even more efficient compressor, a reimagined refrigerant flow and a variety of additional design ideas, the new City Multi VRF outdoor units achieve up to 33% higher SEER and SCOP values – meeting the requirements of the 2021 ErP Directive today. This offers a major lead in terms of seasonal energy efficiency.

Simple installation

Far fewer pipelines in the R2 system with up to 11 sub-controllers and refrigerant fill quantity reduced by up to 30%: this ensures major benefits in procurement, cost reduction, building certification and on-site installation. Twin lead for efficient operations.

Heat exchanger up to 30% more efficient

Exclusive to Mitsubishi Electric: the outstandingly efficient aluminium flat pipe heat exchangers from the City Multi EP series enable up to 30% more efficient heat transfer compared with round pipe heat exchangers. We have now positioned these on all four sides and in the upper section of the outdoor unit, ensuring far more efficient airflow and a lower refrigerant fill quantity.

Lead in installation

Improved compressor

Redesigned scroll compressors with multi-port mechanism and expanded control range achieve further energy savings in partial-load operation

New multi-flow heat exchanger

The new heat exchangers in the City Multi outdoor units increase the SEER value by up to 8%

Variable evaporation temperature

The City Multi outdoor units ensure milder blow-out temperatures on demand in spring and autumn, thereby reducing your energy consumption

Continuous heating operation

The heat exchanger performs defrosting on alternate sides, delivering considerably greater comfort and a continuous heating output of up to 50% – even during the defrosting process

USB port

The USB port on the board makes it very easy to read out system operating data

All values and percentage-based improvements are stated in comparison with the previous series. The units contain the fluorinated greenhouse gas R410A.